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Over the past 15 years, there were many nights Patti would be driving from work and her car would suddenly detour on its own to Terry's house where they would share a bottle of wine and contemplate and dream of owning a wine business together. Little did they know their dreams would turn into reality.

While on a trip to St. Augustine in the Fall of 2017, Patti came across an historic 1807 building (the Joaneda house) with a For Lease sign. She immediately started visualizing all the things that her and Terry had talked about during their wine nights and it suddenly dawned on Patti that this historic home was the perfect place for their wine shop, Casa de Vino 57.

Terry and Patti's vision for Casa de Vino 57 is to introduce boutique wines to both wine lovers and newbies and to provide a nice relaxing atmosphere where people can enjoy an excellent glass of wine accompany with outstanding charcuterie (cured meats) and cheeses from around the world.

We are also extremely fortunate to have Wayne Lake, who has been in the wine industry for 40+ years, as our residence wine consultant.

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Joaneda House

The Joaneda house is located at 57 Treasury St. This street is considered the narrowest street in all of America. The intention of the Spanish in making the street so narrow was to prevent the treasury carriage laden with Spanish bouillon from being robbed. The width of the street only allowed room for a single carriage team making it impossible for thievery from horseback.

The property the house rest upon dates as far as the Spanish census of 1762. The land was at one time in its early history a part of the holdings acquired and sold by the notorious scoundrel, Ethan Fish, of the Fish & Fish law firm from New York City. Before Fish and company acquired this land, initially the land was a part of the gardens of the Treasurer's House. Juan Joaneda, who was a wealthy fish farmer and land holder from Minorca, was one of the first successful immigrants to build homes and flip the property and structure for profit. He did this with the help of the governor of St Augustine, Enrique White, during the second Spanish period.

The Joaneda House was constructed in 1807 by Juan Joaneda. Over its more than 250 year history, this house has changed hands several times and has been home to a variety of different establishments including the Treasury Street Inn, the Montgomery sister's house and gift shop as well as a florist shop.

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